Not every office needs, or wants, a vending machine! However, every office has employees and clients who crave a little pick-me-up sometime throughout the day. Snaxx online offers the versatility of multiple in-office snacking options, minus the cumbersome vending equipment!

Professionally packaged and delivered directly to your office door or breakroom, our line of quality goodies will satisfy every taste bud in your workplace. From traditional chip and candy brands you know and love, to gluten free, kosher, vegan, and other healthy selections you crave, we have it all. Even more! Let us stock your breakroom refrigerator with specialty waters, juices, and coffee selections from the world’s finest bottlers.

Visit Snaxxonline.com and treat your office and your clients to the convenience and great tastes they deserve!


Reduce Liability: When employees leave the office to purchase snacks, the employer still holds liability.  Reduce your companies liability by having the best snacks delivered right to your door!

Increase Productivity:  Everyone needs sustenance to power through their day!  Help increase productivity by providing your employees with the most nutritious and best tasting snacks available to the Nashville area.

Unrivaled  Quality:  By utilizing the purchasing power of Van Vending Service, Inc. , Snaxx has access to the top brands and products.  Here at Snaxx, we focus on the quality of each product we sell.  Each is hand selected based on nutritional values and taste.  Only the best will do!